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It doesn’t matter how good the bullet points on your resume are if you can’t be confident when looking someone in the eye when they ask you about it.

Emotional Intelligence the so-called “soft skills” - are every bit as important as your expertise when it comes to getting the most from your job.

In fact, they’re often the difference between landing a position and developing a career.

That’s why we’ve created Hack The System – to help you learn the skills you need to get the job, along with the interpersonal skills required to excel once you do.

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Making every version of you a better one.

Hack The System is a Skillsoft movement designed to help people in an increasingly competitive and dynamic IT landscape develop both the technical skills they need to perform as well as the leadership skills required to excel.

We understand how much the roles in IT - from helpdesk to developers - have changed over the last ten years.

Our mission is to provide you with all the tools you need in order to have the most rewarding work experience possible, by offering not just the hard skill courses that will help you do the job brilliantly, but the soft skills required to manage, lead and perform as part of a team. Hack The System is about taking every side of you, and making it amazing.

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